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Updated: 23 June 2016


Size: 4.36M

Updated: 16 June 2016


Size: 62M

Keep your optic sensors peeled for in-game announcements.

Updated: 20 June 2016

Version: 1.0.26

Size: 136 MB

Keep your optics peeled for the next wave of reinforcements:


Base on the announcement, sometimes the update is not immediately roll-out because the updates can be run base-on the content updates. The list of detail updates as below.

Updates Date
New Autobots: Arcee see Decoy Dash
New Autobots: Hot Spot
New Decepticons: Nightbird see Decoy Dash
New Decepticons: Cyclonus
Air Raid has a new Fusion Bomb ability 22 June 2016
Powerglide has a new carpet bombing ability 22 June 2016
Thundercracker have an improved EMP air strike. 22 June 2016
Silverbolt have an improved EMP air strike. 22 June 2016
Bumblebee have an improved EMP Bomb range. 22 June 2016
Skrapnel have an improved EMP Bomb range. 22 June 2016
Character ability information contains damage and duration stats. Since Version 1.0.25 (Global official launch version)
Orbital Strike - Damaged and radius slightly reduced.
Air Strike - Cost for repeated use increased.
Player profiles. Visit another player's base and tap their name to see their stats.


UI changes

  • Font for Bot Names change to make it larger and more align with the interface.
  • Picture updated
Before 1.0.26 Current 1.0.26
Cyber Coins
Ui resource CyberCoins before 1026
Ui resource CyberCoins
Ui resource Alloy before 1026
Ui resource Alloy
Ui resource Energon before 1026
Ui resource Energon


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