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The Transformers are back on planet Earth!

The evil Decepticons, led by the maniacal Megatron, are intent on taking Earth’s precious resources for their own devious ends. Only Optimus Prime and the heroic Autobots can save the planet from total destruction!

In the classic battle of Good vs Evil, Autobots vs Decepticons, only you can decide the fate of planet Earth in "Transformers: Earth Wars"!
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TF:EW Wikia shall fulfill all your game knowledge needs.
The wikia about the Transformers Earth Wars game that anyone can edit.

We are compiling data from the various aspects of the game to make a powerful reference that new and experienced users can use to achieve victory.

Will the recent Ability upgrade be strong enough to defeat that Level 10 defense building? Check out the stats of each to find out.

We have data for all of the bots, buildings, Power Cores, even the new Raid Battles and their layouts. Strong, established teams can use that data to create a strategy for efficient destruction.

We are currently maintaining 344 articles and 1,736 files, since 7 March 2016. We could use your help along with 5 active users and 7,809 edits.

While we have data there are some holes still. Most bots have many fields filled with their stats but some stats are still unknown since our editors have not encountered that level yet, or missed it when their bot leveled up too quickly to record it. You could fill in that data. We are also looking for more images and animated gifs to include on the pages to make them better represent how and what is being discussed. Seeing an ability at work, a bot transform, the space bridge in operation, would all be very impressive and helpful animations.

With the expanded Notes section being added to most of the pages a visitor will be able to see the history and discussion of the game elements.

With the recently added Tips section we will be adding commentary from various game site gurus to help new and established players perform better.

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TOP 10 - Our Favourite Abilities

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