To say Skrapnel enjoys his work is an understatement. Relishes it maybe. Or revels in it.

The agonized screams of his victims as their circuits pop and fry is all the reward Skrapnel needs. It's akin to an actor and applause.

When super-charged electrical bolts burst out of his antennae and scramble the microchips of an opponent, Skrapnel opens his audio receptors to the max, and his corresponding victory cry can be heard from miles around.


Ui c special Special - Bots in the Special class are highly individual fighters with special capabilities. Check their stats and use them in battle to uncover their secrets!


See Research Lab.

Name Description Remarks
A emp bomb 00 EMP Bomb Throw and EMP bomb that explodes stuning nearby targets and deals 33% attack damage every second. First Launch


See Cost to Research for increasing maximum level

Stat 1* 2* 3* 4*
Speed 3.0
Range Short Short Short Short


Release 1.23 allowed this bot to disable defenses that they are attacking, and their ability allows them to escape from danger.

Skrapnel was introduced with the start of the game and is a counterpart to Bumblebee.