Obstacles can't be build or moved. You need to remove them with Energon and a Build Bot to make more room in your base for other buildings. Removing obstacles grants no Rank Points .


When first start the New Game, the landscape of the base will be fill with obstacles that can limit the placement of the building. Clearing the obstacles need Energon and limit by the HQ Level also.

Type Size Total Unit Requirement Upgrade Time Result
HQ Level Energon Cost Rank Points
Tiny 2x2 2 1 150 60s -
Small 3x3 4 4 500 6m -
Medium 5x5 6 5 5,000 6m -
Large 7x7 3 8 25,000 6m -
Huge 9x9 5 10 100,000 6m -


  • Enemy still can pass through the obstacle when attacking your base.