In his own way, Megatron is as much an idealist as his Autobot counterpart Optimus Prime, but Megatron's zeal sprang from a committed belief that beings such as they were made to conquer and rule, and that any hint of compassion or mercy was an insult to their Primus-given power.

On Cybertron, he tapped into the frustration of those like him and enflamed their revolutionary leanings.

The Megatron way was and is to rule through intimidation and fear.

Megatron Alt


Decepticon logo 1 color
Megatron is the leader of the Deception Collection and players earns ranks points for having him in their collection.
Megatron can be called forth from Cybertron across the Space Bridge using dedicated Megatron Crystals, or premium, free, or any of the Ui bot 2starUi bot 2star, Ui bot 3starUi bot 3starUi bot 3star, Ui bot 4starUi bot 4starUi bot 4starUi bot 4star, or the Legacy 2 pack 5star icon star crystals.
C d megatron 2s 01
C d megatron 3s 01
C d megatron 4s 01


See Research Lab and Power Core Lab for more details on the different abilities.

Ui c special Special Bots in the Special class are highly individual fighters with special capabilities. Check their stats and use them in battle to uncover their secrets!
Ability Description Ability Cost Cost Increase
A inspiring charge 00 Inspiring Charge Rally Decepticons to engage the target. Then charge in damaging walls along the way. 5 2
Power Cores
Power Core bot universal
Universal Wheeljack can be equipped with any of the bot-universal Power Cores.
Battle Hardened Megatron
Battle-hardened Megatron Increases Megatron's health.
Battle Hardened Megatron
G1 Powercore Megatron
G1 Megatron When Megatron's health drops below 30% he becomes invulnerable to damage and stun effects for a short time.
Prime cores
Prime Cores Wheeljack can be equipped with any of the Prime Cores.


See Cost to Research for increasing maximum level.

Speed 1.7
Range Melee
Level Ui bot 1star Ui bot 2starUi bot 2star Ui bot 3starUi bot 3starUi bot 3star Ui bot 4starUi bot 4starUi bot 4starUi bot 4star Ui bot 5starUi bot 5starUi bot 5starUi bot 5starUi bot 5star
[+/-] Health DPS Health DPS Health DPS Health DPS Health DPS
1 1,110 20.9 1,460 24.2 1,810 28.6 2,160 33
5 1,250 23..5 1,640 27.2 2,040 32.2 2,440 37.1
10 1,450 27.3 1,910 31.6 2,370 37.3 2,830 43.1
20 2,330 43.8 3,060 50.7 3,800 59.9 4,540 69.1
30 3,740 70.2 4,920 81.3 6,100 96.1 7,280 110.9
40 6,000 112.7 7,900 130.5 9,790 154.2 11,600 177.9
50 12,600 209.4 15,700 247.4 18,700 285.5
60 18,000 298.5 22,400 352.8 26,700 407.1


Megatron was introduced when the game began, and complements Optimus Prime for power levels.

Megatrons new colors

It is not uncommon to find Megatron donning a different color scheme when looking at him during a scouting mission. This is believed to be a glitch encountered when an Autobot player looks at another Autobot base as an adversary and Space Ape has transformed the Autobots and their base into Decepticon versions for the purpose of the war.