• Kenn ferguson

    Transformers Page

    December 31, 2018 by Kenn ferguson

    I bookmarked as my default home page when visiting the site. Looking at the list I find the red broken-links and work to fill in the data. Now that the Autobot pages are created, the ability pages are created, I am adding more to the chart, filling in some of the missing data.

    The chart wanted to list the Event names so I have been going through my emails and the logs on the official wiki to add that info. Morolis has updated those pages in the past so maybe he will continue to do so. 

    While going through the list I am finding when the Combiners were added so they are being slipped into the chart too.

    Because I am trying to build the chart based on the introduction date the Combiner…

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  • Kenn ferguson


    December 16, 2018 by Kenn ferguson

    I started creating pages for abilities that had not yet been created.

    I began with the original template but added the play cost/ increase fields to the new pages.

    I copy/pasted the Research Lab upgrade grid which was more complete and included icons compared to the other ability pages I had seen, so the new abilities will have a more graphic intense table until I get around to catching up with the older pages.

    I added the "Equipped" section to list which bots have the ability, since most are in use by 1 Autobot and 1 Decepticon. Some of the original abilities were going to be used by multiple bots but I think Space Ape gave up on that idea early on and even converted some away from the common abilities to unique ones. Because there are stil…

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  • Kenn ferguson

    Raid battles

    November 28, 2018 by Kenn ferguson

    I created the page for raid battles , Shanix coins , and a couple others based on the new game mode coming soon. I will work on the new defense buildings soon. As a new aspect to the game there will be a lot to add here and a steady flow of updates and edits to come. I also built the page for Spark , being surprised that it hadn't been done before this. It seems apparent that many of the Resources have not been made yet.

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  • Kenn ferguson

    Autobots complete

    November 28, 2018 by Kenn ferguson

    Besides some spelling and other small errors I have completed the Autobot half of the character pages updating it through November 2018. While more than 1/2 of the Decepticon pages are present each of them needs reworking to the new format I decided upon which adds more information than previous.

    It seems Morolis is content to work on other aspects like Abilities and Event pages which is nice, but he is still helpful when I ask him for specific work. As I do Decepticon pages I may have to ask him for more help since he works with that faction in game. I may have him go behind me and update the speed and range info for most of the cons; I ownly have 26 in my cross-over team.

    the 5* PNG that I created does not like to copy well and is treated…

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  • Kenn ferguson


    November 17, 2018 by Kenn ferguson

    While I haven't actually made a template yet I probably should now. It has been a week and I think I like the new format that I devised for the character pages. As I am collecting more images and data for each bot I have been updating the existing pages. I haven't actually done the template because that would only be helpful for new bot pages and I have been upgrading the older ones. There are a few bots that I could create pages for and use a template but I will continue to work on the upgrades in case some other new idea springs to mind first.

    Thinking of new bots I did already add Sandstorm and Octane pages the first day the data was available, the day they were launched and when I actually acquired the bot to get some of the data from…

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  • Kenn ferguson


    November 9, 2018 by Kenn ferguson

    Working on the Category pages wasn't as rewarding as I expected since I don't appear to get credit for doing them, and they don't show up on the list as recently updated pages. Working on them is a little bit harder than most too because the embedded links have to be externally connected- just something to realize when writing the link. I worked on , , each other sub-teams ( , , Aerialbots , [even though they are not officially in the game that way yet], Wreckers , Stunitcons , Combaticons , Constructicons , Predacons , Maximals , Beast Wars , , Terrorcons [even though they don't have a collection yet either] and ). I had manually made some of these pages previously and now will ask the admins to delete them as all links to such have been…

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  • Kenn ferguson


    October 22, 2018 by Kenn ferguson

    I have spent the day creating several pages that had been missing as the wiki seems to have gone dormant. I am hoping to resurrect the wiki. I find that this forum includes more data than the official one so I hope to fill in the blanks that I can and recruit others to complete others. However, I am hoping to connect with some of the admins so they can help me correct some formatting errors I am making and can't correct myself yet.

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  • WieQuadrat

    Javascript in Wikia

    July 19, 2016 by WieQuadrat

    So here i am, wondering why the javascrip code not working. turn out that we have propose to activate the javascrip in specific wikia sites. So the purpose that i want to activate javascrip is =

    • create countdown timer, very useful to check the event schedule
    • reveal all anon using IP address
    • Floating TOC. so that the toc can be float to the side or where ever the position that u want

    some link that are usefull

    • MediaWiki:Common.js
    • Special:JSPages
    • w:c:community:Help:JavaScript_review_process
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  • WieQuadrat

    sigh, why we can only choose one faction

    since i choose autobot, i can only see decepticon art in the small top left intercepting art when choose a battle

    and i'm not that fan of the transformer so need help in some of the name

    No Pic Name










    No Pic Name









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  • WieQuadrat

    i just hope this game is better manage and better plan in the future with better response and less bug game

    although i really like the cute mini bot from previous game, well i can manage with this lovable g1 art and coc type of map

    and the 3d in this game is awesome. look forward for combiner

    now where should i start tweaking this wiki. hehehe

    at the moment goes by the nick = gigaquake31..... since it random given, and we only got 1 chance to change it, i will consider my new nick.

    and glad to be back with team from old tfbt... go qs


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