Loud, proud and in-your-face, Blaster has a zest for life and an unquenchable appetite for action.

The louder and more intense it gets, the more it sparks his circuits.

The opposite of sneaky, he prefers to make his presence known, literally assaulting his enemies with sound and fury.

But his special passion is good old fashioned rock 'n' roll, and his ability to monitor multiple frequencies and channels has exposed him to a wide variety of music.

Blaster Eject Rewind
Steeljaw Ramhorn


Autobot logo single color
This bot is part of the Autobot Collection and earns points for the player when it comes through the Space Bridge.
Blaster can be called forth from Cybertron across the Space Bridge using dedicated Blaster Crystals, or premium, free, or any of the Ui bot 2starUi bot 2star, Ui bot 3starUi bot 3starUi bot 3star, Ui bot 4starUi bot 4starUi bot 4starUi bot 4star, or the Legacy 4 pack 5star icon star crystals.
Composite 4star crystal


For the costs and strengths of each of the abilities look under the Research Lab or Power Core Lab for more information.

Ui c special Special Bots in the Special class are highly individual fighters with special capabilities. Check their stats and use them in battle to uncover their secrets!
Ability Description Play Cost Cost Increase
A deploy minions 00 Deploy Minions Release 4 minions into battle. Upgrade this ability to increase their power! 3 3
Power Cores
Power Core bot universal
Universal This bot can be equipped with any of the bot-universal Power Cores.
G1 Powercore Blaster
G1 Blaster power core When your minions hit 0 health, they release an EMP stunning nearby targets for a short time.
Prime cores
Prime Cores This bot can be equipped with any of the Prime Cores.


See Cost to Research for increasing maximum level. Power ratings assume that the special ability has not been upgraded, otherwise the amount will be higher.

Speed 2.3
Range Melee
Level Ui bot 1star Ui bot 2starUi bot 2star Ui bot 3starUi bot 3starUi bot 3star Ui bot 4starUi bot 4starUi bot 4starUi bot 4star
5star icon
[+/-] Power DPS Health Power DPS Health Power DPS Health Power DPS Health Power DPS Health
1 17.0 977 19.6 1,280 23.2 1,590 143 26.8 1,900
5 19.1 1,100 22.1 1,440 26.1 1,790 30.1 2,140
10 22.1 1,270 25.6 1,670 30.3 2,080 34.9 2,480
20 35.5 2,040 41.1 2,690 48.6 3,330 56.1 3,980
30 57.0 3,280 66.0 4,320 78.0 5,350 90.0 6,390
40 421 91.4 5,270 533 105.9 6,930 125.1 8,590 144.4 10,200
50 169.9 11,100 200.8 13,700 231.7 16,400
60 242.2 15,800 286.3 19,600 330.3 23,400


Blaster was introduced at the same time as Soundwave during the introduction of the game.