Ui battle title a
Ui battle
There are two battle modes. "Campaign" (a story mode) and "Attack A Rival Player" (Player versus Player / PVP).

Game Modes

Ui battle campaign a
The Campaign consists of a number of preset scenarios against predefined bases with special story objectives and the player is rewarded for certain steps of his progress with special crystals.
Ui battle attack a
The Attack A Rival Player (PvP Mode) allows the player to start searching for other player bases to attack for Ui resource Energon Ui resource Alloy resources, experience and Ui resource Medals medals. There are many Battle Zones. Upgrading your Scanner allows access to higher levels. The selection menu provides a suggested team power rating necessary to defeat a base in that zone, but it is only a suggestion; you may still lose a battle even if your team exceeds the score by a significant margin.

The amount of resources that can be obtained has a cap, dependent upon the Battle Zone selected but the player will actually have the ability to receive much less; it is based on a percentage of what the opponent has in storage.

Higher Battle Zones provide more rewards than lower Battle Zones.

Winning against player in lower ranking Battle Zone will only give smaller amount of Ui resource Energon Ui resource Alloy resources while losing may collect some of the resources by risked some of your Ui resource Medals Medals.

Winning against player in higher ranking Battle Zone will give big amount of Ui resource Energon Energon and Ui resource Alloy Alloy and Ui resource Medals Medals . Losing will cost some Ui resource Energon Ui resource Alloy resources, determined by which targets were destroyed during the attack, and only small amount of your Ui resource Medals Medal.

Other Modes

Alliance War
Alliance War allow your alliance to do war against an opposing alliance and get large amount of Resources Ui resource Energon Ui resource Alloy base on your Alliance League level.
Ui event start
Event Battle are created especially for the event battle only. Events collect Battle Points instead of Alloy or Energon, and the points unlock various rewards. Events last 72 hours and begin Friday at 10:00 UTC.

Each event usually has different requirements and rewards and automatically open all Battle Zones no matter what level your Scanner is. The Event menu will list the rewards and the benchmarks needed to claim the rewards.

New bots are introduced to the game via events like this.

Prestige Events These event types feature a repeating set of rewards at the same benchmarks. Prestige events have a set number of Prestige levels that can be played and is mentioned in the event menu.
Totalizer Events These event types have a set menu of rewards and the event ends when the top prize is collected.
Leaderboard Events These event types are a variation of Totalizer Events except when the top prize is collected the game may continue and players strive to be in the top spots of all players for additional rewards. Typically the Top 5 earn the best bonus, the next 5 earn something slightly less, and so forth.
Alliance Events An Alliance Event can be any of the above; Prestige, Totalizer, or Leaderboard, but points are combined from the entire Alliance and rewards are given to the entire Alliance. It is a teamwork event.
Individual Events These events benefit a single player and may be of any of the above 3 types of Event as well (although there hasn't been an individual Leaderboard Event yet). The points scored are your own and the rewards are yours exclusively. Unique Avatars are offered this way.
Raid Battles are battle zones created for Alliances to work on as a group. The defenses are incredibly more difficult but damage done to the base elements remain for the next player to continue the damage; the damage is cumulative for all players of an Alliance. Each player does score individual points based on the amount of damage they inflicted, however the lucky player to defeat the HQ will conquer all remaining defenses and collect the points as if they defeated them.

Raid Battles take place on Tuesday and Wednesdays and allow a maximum of 7 attempts during that 48 hour period.

Raid Battles may take place as a weekend event with different rules- see event information for that specific event.


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